Steve Korenis

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The place is known since antiquity for Krokeati stone, volcanic rock unique worldwide, was most wanted by the Mycenaeans and later the Romans enough for luxury buildings, baths vases, seals, etc. Today Krokees is a 1500 town residents, seat of the homonymous municipality Krokeon, stretching between the mountain ranges of Parnona and Taigetou, at an average altitude of 300 meters, ideal for olive cultivation.

The Olive Oil Cooperative of Krokees in its present form was founded in 1961 originally having 68 members. In the first general assembly taken vital decisions about the future of the partnership, such as pioneering the era of joint extraction of oil - continues even today - that dramatically improves the quality of output and the common storage and sale.

Today the agricultural cooperative of Krokees has 450 members, with modern machinery and pressing olive oil tanks of 600 tonnes. Many prizes have been awarded to the partnership for activities and the quality of its products. More important distinction as that which came from the European Union in 1996 and entered the oil of Cooperative of Krokees as having protected designation of origin.

Finally in 1999, the great German magazine MAGAZINE, after research into global production, acknowledged the olive oil cooperative of Krokees (0.16 acidity and rich organoleptic components) as the best in the world.

Today following the imperatives of the times, has begun the process of relocation and modernization of all machinery and equipment storage and establishing a modern facility standardization of olive oil.